Elevator Traction Machine

Standard Elevator Traction Machines

Standard Elevator Traction Machine

Elevator Traction Machines

Raman Engineering Co is a well established company since 1999 in the field of manufacturing "Elevator Traction Machines". These exclusive conceptually designed machines for passengers elevators ensure smooth and silent operations.

Technical Information
  • Motor Voltage 415, 3 Phase, 50 HZ
  • Insulation Class ‘F’
  • Recommened Oil :
    (1) Indian Oil(Servomesh SP-320) | (2) H.P.C.L. (Parthan EP-320)
    (3) B.P.C.L. (AMOCAM-320) | (4) Castrol (Alpha SP-320)
  • Oil should be changed after 3 months from the date of installation. Thenafter Oil should be changed every year. One should use only our recommended above Oil.
  • In case bad condition of Oil found, it must be changed immediately.
Raman Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Elevator Traction Machine
Please note the following points carefully.
  • Passenger weight is 68 Kg. per person as per Indian Standard
  • The parameter in this table bases on the counterweight coefficient 0.50
  • Car Weight is about 1.2 time of rated load
  • Table is just for reference to select our machine, you must calculate as per your elevator parameter
  • As innovation in design is continuous, the technical data can be changed without prior notice